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Monero Mixer

What is Monero Mixer (Monero Laundry)?

Monero Mixer revolutionizes the mixing process by deploying a cutting-edge algorithm that sets it apart from traditional mixers. Our platform replaces your cryptocurrency with meticulously vetted coins sourced from reputable Monero exchanges across Europe, Asia, and North America. This groundbreaking approach not only elevates the level of anonymization but also mitigates the inherent risk of receiving uncertain cryptocoins found in conventional mixers. Experience enhanced security and unparalleled peace of mind with Monero Mixer.

How many confirmations are required to accept a transfer?

The mixing process starts after 3 confirmations in Monero network.

What is a minimum amount of coins for mixing?

Our Mixer is high-volume, working with large ammounts of coins. The minimum deposit is 0.3 XMR.

What is a maximum amount of coins for tumbling?

Current maximum deposit is 973.56 XMR. This limitation is forced, since a large volume per one transaction is easier to anonymize using blockchain volume analysis method. The mixer allows to create several requests for shuffling.

What happens if I sent less funds than required amount?

Smaller transactions will be regarded as a donation since it makes no business sense to conduct them and a commission of the Monero network may be higher than that money. But if you have sent such sum by mistake, contact our help desk and we will suggest what might be done in your particular case.

How much does it cost?

Our fees range from 0.5% to 1.986% for each operation, plus extra 0.00015 XMR is taken for each target address.

What kind of logs is stored in the system?

We do not store logs, all necessary information for transactions processing is deleted right after work completion and transaction confirmation or beyond the expiration of address lifetime for unexecuted requests. The only proof of our work is our letter of guarantee which you can keep.

My browser had closed before I could get a confirmation for my transaction

No worries, everything is all right, the system operates in automatic mode, you will definitely receive your money. To monitor confirmations, you can use any Monero block explorer. Enter there the information on addresses from a letter of guarantee and monitor transactions on your own.

How can I contact you?

You can contact our team through our website by clicking on the "Contact" button in the header section.